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FUN HairStyling Products @ Market locations/ Events:
Hair Feathers 
Coloured Hair Extensions 
Glitter Tinsel Hair Extensions
Professional Hair Chalking
Come enjoy a FUN HAIR DAY out with Wild4Feathers 

Hair Feathers
Over 2000 Feathers for your hair to choose from, 4 different lengths:
-Single Colours 


Coloured Hair Extensions
Single Colours in 10 different colours , 2 different Multi-Colour hair extensions, in 2 different lengths

  Coloured Hair Extensions at Mooloolabah Sunset Markets

Glitter Tinsel Hair Extensions (Holographic for high shine)
3 Single colours
"GucciGold" for Blondes /Brunettes/ Red Heads
"Holographic Glamour Brown" for Brunettes,
"Holographic Midnight Blue" for Dark Hair Colours, & fun colour for Blondes 


Professional Hair Chalking
8 Hair Chalk Colours to choose huge range of Hair Chalking Designs like...
- "The Flame"
- "The Flame Mowhawk"
- "Rainbow Mowhawk"
- "Blue Ocean Waves"
- "Purple Tipping"
- "Rainbow Tipping"


Professional Hair Glittering
3 High-Shine Hair Glitters in Rainbow / GucciGold/ OceanBlue
-" GucciGold PonyTail"
- "Blue Ocean Waves"
-"The Phantom"
- "Punked"
-"Rainbow Braided"


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