Feather Hair Extensions
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Individual Tools consisting of:
1 x Hair Hook Tool or
1 x Loop Threader (Hair Tool of Choice)
1 x Craft Pliers
1x Comb (Rat-Tail)
2pc x MicroBeads (MicroBead Colours: Blonde#13,Dark Blonde #8, Light Brown #11, Brown #5, Dark Brown #3, Black #1. Match Hair colour at Hair Root to hide the bead)

SAVE $$ & purchase our CraftKits. 
4 CraftKits Available: 
CraftKit w. Hair Hook
CraftKit w. Loop Threader
Complete CraftKit
Ultimate CraftKit.

WHATS IN A CRAFT KIT: Quality Tools that LAST for Years

CRAFT KIT w. HOOK TOOL :………………....Feather Pack + 1x Craft Pliers + 1xHair Hook Tool + 30pc Micro-Beads + Video Link

CRAFT KIT w. LOOP THREADER :………………....Feather Pack + 1x Craft Pliers + 1x Loop Threader + 30pc Micro-Beads + Video Link

COMPLETE CRAFT KIT:.....Feather Pack + 1x Craft Pliers + 1xHair Hook Tool + 1x Loop Threader,+ 1xComb(Rat-Tail) + 50pc Micro-Beads + Video Link

ULTIMATE CRAFT KIT:.......Feather Pack + 1x Craft Pliers + 1xHair Hook Tool + 1xProfessional Threader + 1 x Nano Threader  + 1xComb(Rat-Tail) + 80pc Micro-Beads + Video Link

Attachment Accessories such as: Hair Hook Tool, Loop Threader, MicroBeads, Craft Pliers can be purchased individually. This is great if you already have Craft Pliers already and don't need a second pair!

Most Popular Kit choice is: CraftKit w. Loop Threader

"Double Beading" If you are trading at Markets/Festivals & serving customers: particularly Children/Teens & Fine HairStyles, we recommend double micro-beading attachments & avoid any customers coming back for possible feather re-connections. SAVE TIME AND MONEY by getting it RIGHT the first time. "Double beading" will also give customers GREATER attachment "Wear and Tear time", Creating Greater VALUE feathers & customer service.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAIR TOOLS:(wooden Handled Professional Tools)

HAIR HOOK TOOL: Best Tool for Detailed work & attaching hair / feather extensions into other people's hair. Small Latch gathers hair, so you can use tool without comb, if preferred. Professional wooden handle tool used in Hair Salons & Professional settings. GREAT BEGINNER  to Advanced TOOL user.

LOOP THREADER TOOL: Easiest Tool for attaching into your own hair .Best used with a Rat-Tail Comb or fingers ,and to gather hair to thread into the wire loop. Professional wooden handle tool, thats used in Hair Salons & Professional settings. GREAT BEGINNER TOOL. Threader Loop Tool also used for: Nano Beads for Nano Hair Extensions.

NANO / LOOP TOOL: Flimsby Wire Nano Tool used for Nano Beads and Nano Human Hair Extensions, when using super miniature Nano Beads. This tool is wire thin, super Flexible, no wooden handle, designed for Nano bead sizes in particular 2.5mm Radius. Can be used for MicroBead sizes: 5mmx3mm / 4.5mm/ 2.5mm Nano Beads .Best used with a Rat-Tail Comb. Not a Tool for the beginner, but for the Intermediate and Advanced user.

MICRO-BEAD COLOURS for Microbead Size 5mm x 3mm:
White Blonde #7
Light Blonde #13-1
Blonde #13
Grey Blonde #6
Dark Blonde #8
Light Brown #11
Brown #5
Dark Brown #3
Black #1
Burgundy #15
Blonde Mix
Dark Mix

MICRO-BEAD COLOURS for Microbead Size 3.6mm x 1.6mm:
Blonde #13
Brown #5
Dark Brown #3
Black #1
Dark Mix



HAIR TOOLS: All our Hair Tools Fit all our Size Microbead sizes.
We offer 4 Tools:
Hair Hook Tool
Loop Threader
Mini-Loop Threader
Nano Threader

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