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MULTICOLOURED FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS : PREMIUM UNIQUELY dyed Feathers by Wild4Feathers. Bright Colours last 4+ months, Pastel Colours last 4 wks. Rainbow is our #1 BEST Seller. BlueOcean Fade #2 BEST Seller. The longer the Feather, the wider more magnificent the feather.


Feather Hairstyles above :
Rainbow Solid Wide XXL 8pc / Purple to Pink Solid w. Skinny Classic Grizzly in Standard Length 12pc/ BlueOcean Fade Solid & Grizzly XL Set (2pc)
Feathers above: BlueOcean Fade Solid & Grizzly Feathers XXL 20pc Pack (Light Blue to Dark Blue) / WildBerry Solid & Grizzly Feathers XXL 20pc Pack (Turquoise Electric Blue Purple Pink )